Throughout the past four years, the University of Arkansas BFA Graphic Design Class of 2020 has grown in unimaginable ways. Together, we have survived a year of studio foundations, memorized hundreds of titles and dates in multiple art history courses, and learned to appreciate the minute details of typographic anatomy that, realistically, no one else notices. Regardless of where our paths lead us in the future, our time together at the University of Arkansas has shaped us into dynamic, forward-thinking designers eager to tackle any design problem thrown our way.

Each of the 24 graduating seniors has dedicated their final semester to researching and designing a speculative solution for a systemic problem of their choice. With topics ranging from developing self confidence and managing mental health to interventions in sex education and local politics, these projects showcase the versatility of our talented class. Read on to learn more about the research process and final design outcome created by each student. 

Despite the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we are still designing, creating, and speculating. Our senior show is on virtual display in Gallery5, created in partnership with Crystal Bridges and Tesseract. The FRANKLY virtual gallery opens May 7, 2020 and will remain open for the foreseeable future. Click here for instructions on how to view the gallery, as well as a Zoom Webinar link to our opening reception. We hope to see you there!


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Class of 2020 Senior Show Opening Reception (Recording)


“Frankly” prefaces a harsh reality laid bare at a time when the stakes demand it. Frankness rears its head only when a problem becomes too urgent to ignore. In the dire circumstances, patience and politeness become untenable. As we began to develop the overarching identity behind our show, we saw in each other the courage to confront wicked problems and the acumen to address them using design. A long, winding research process rife with dead ends and difficult choices unfurled before each of us – but Frankly served as a reminder to our duty as we knew it would soon collapse into unprecedented turmoil and uncertainty. Now more than ever, it is prescient for all of us to speak our truths and to speculate recklessly with a greater good in mind.